Product Code:
E-GB-ECU-01 / E-GB-ECU-02 / E-GB-ECU-03

E-GB-ECU-01: Front wire
E-GB-ECU-02: Rear wire
E-GB-ECU-03: Short length wire



1) 3rd generation EFCS

2) Gearbox protection system

3) Gear sensor

4) Electronics trigger system

5) Suitable for Ares EFCS series and Amoeba M4 series

6) Able to withstand high firing current to around 30A


Availability: Now




Electronic Firing Control System (EFCS) is a new concept of Airsoft which is combining electronic part into Airsoft. Nobody imagine the capability and advantage of electronic of ARES Airsoft.

ARES Airsoft provide 3 new benefits to any AEG users through EFCS, they are Gearbox Protection System, Gear Sensor and Electronics Trigger System. On the other hand, EFCS version airsoft can change fire mode to four different setting and lipo battery protection through ARES Electronic Programmer.

Gearbox Protection System
ARES know that the cause of airsoft damage is often from the gearbox locked, so ARES development the Gearbox Protection System. If the user press the trigger 5 times, EFCS will cut off the power when the gearbox locked. This can give a warning signal to the user. User can re-activate the gearbox through reconnect the battery.

Gear Sensor
ARES Gear Sensor can sense when the gear finish a cycle and stop at the best position. This will make sure the piston stay in the front position and this action has 3 benefits, reduce the stress on the spring, increase the life time of the spring and save battery power.

Electronics Trigger System
Electronics Trigger System can improve the trigger life time , user can adjust the trigger stroke (can adjust to around 2mm trigger stroke). The user will have a faster trigger response and higher semi auto shooting frequency.