Product Code: E-GB-P01


1) Changing fire mode system
    1. Safe, Semi Auto, Full Auto
    2. Safe, Semi Auto, 3rd Burst
    3. Safe, 3rd Burst, Full Auto
    4. Safe, Semi Auto, Semi Auto

2) Lipo battery protection
    1. Two cells mode(Lipo 7.4V)
    2. Three cells(Lipo 11.1V)


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Changing Fire Mode System
Generally, airsoft is build-in Safe, Semi Auto and Full Auto fire mode. EFCS version airsoft can customize 4 different fire modes (1. Safe>Semi Auto>Full Auto, 2. Safe > Semi Auto > 3rd Burst, 3. Safe > 3rd Burst > Full Auto, 4. Safe > Semi Auto > Semi Auto) through ARES Electronics Programmer.

Lipo Battery Protection
Lipo Battery Protection setting can prevent completely drain out the battery power and cause permanent damage. User can select to 2 cells mode(Lipo 7.4V) and 3 cells(Lipo 11.1V) mode for battery protection and they will stop operate when the voltage is less than 6.2v and 9.3v.