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Diversifying Handguard System

- Constructed of Fiber Polymer

- Compatible with standard M4 series, including AEG,
GBB, Model Gun etc.

- Easy to mount, require no gunsmith. Available for
change, retrofit, and adjust subject to users’ needs
and requirements.

- Replaces the original handguard and gives the option
to mount laser pointer, foregrip, handguard angle unit, bipod, flashlight ...etc.

- Black and Dark Earth Color


Availability: Coming Soon

Product Code: AM-SG-01 & AM-SG-02
Bearing Spring Guide

1) Metal ball bearing spring guide for Amoeba latest
quick release gearbox

2) Steel bearing with rotable guides

Availability: Now
Product Code:
E-GB-ECU-01 / E-GB-ECU-02 / E-GB-ECU-03
Electronic Firing Control SystemL (EFCS)

1) 3rd generation EFCS

2) Gearbox protection system

3) Gear sensor

4) Electronics trigger system

5) Suitable for Ares EFCS series and Amoeba M4 series

6) Able to withstand high firing current to around 30A

Availability: Now